Mastering the Art of Stagecraft

A Free Online Textbook by Ben Crop
Technical Director at Santa Barbara City College

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Mastering the Art of Stagecraft

A Comprehensive Introduction to Technical Theatre, from Concept to Curtain.

Mastering the Art of Stagecraft is the ultimate guide to technical theatre. This comprehensive book covers everything from history to video projection, and everything in between. With in-depth chapters on production organization, theatre spaces, drafting, tools and materials, production and construction techniques, props, design, color, painting, electricity, lighting design and production, projection, sound design, and stage management, this book is the perfect introduction for beginners and a valuable resource for experienced professionals. Whether you're looking to learn the basics or master advanced techniques, this book will take you from concept to curtain with ease.

Chapters are written by industry professionals and educators, including:

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Mastering the Art of Stagecraft is published online through Libretexts and is shared under a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license and was authored, remixed, and curated by Ben Crop.

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About the Author

Ben is the full-time technical director and instructor of technical theatre at Santa Barbara City College. He has presided as the technical director for over 75 productions since 2007 for both regional theatre and the educational sector. Ben is also a sound, light, and video designer for regional theatre and educational productions. In addition to theatre, Ben has worked in the concert industry having been a light director and sound operator for such artists as Alice Cooper, Poison, Leanne Rimes, Wynona Judd, and Air Supply. Ben earned a BA in Theatre and Performance and his M.B.A in non-profit management from Willamette University.

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