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Linenotes v.3.1

I created the software "Linenotes" in 2006 to help stage managers simplify the process of notating and giving line notes to actors. It is a light-weight software that stores the errors that actors make during reshearsal and makes it easy for stage managers to organize and distribute those notes. I recently updated the software in 2020.

Export options for stage managers include, word doc, email, web page, or a simple 'copy-paste'.

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How to Install

"Linenotes" Is a software built on the Java development framework. That means two things, 1) the software can be run on any device (notes on chromebook instalation below), and 2) it requires the "Java runtime envrioment" to open and work. You may already have Java on your computer as it is used for many websites and video games. If you do not have Java, the first step in installing Linenotes, is to install it. You can find the latest version of Java here: Download Java.

After you have downloaded and installed Java, the next step is to download the "Linenotes" software. Luckily, "Linenotes" does not install anything on your computer. It is a simple Java executable and therefore does not require any additional instlation priveledges. You can download the latest version of Linenotes here: Download Linenotes v3.1 Now.

Notes on chromebook Instalation

While Java can easily be installed on Windaws, Mac, Linux, and Solaris, it is a little tricky to get it working on a Chromebook. Check out the turorial here to get it working on a Chromebook: Instalation of Java on a chromebook.

Getting Java on a Chromebook

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